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North Chiang Mai University

North Chiang Mai University


North-Chiang Mai University was established in 1999 by Mr.Narong Chavasint, the Founder and President with the intention of repaying to his birth-place, Chiang Mai and to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of His Majesty King Bhumibol the Great. The aim is to offer the best and most valuable thing to the society education which is immortal. These values and beliefs incorporate an attitude that giving leads to true happiness, maintaining that nothing is more valuable than education. Education develops a person to perfection. It is a highly delicate and complicate task which needs patience, devotion, commitment, and persistency.

Such a challenging mission cannot be accomplished by any particular person but it must be from the collaboration of everyone, include the founder, administrators, faculty and staff members and most importantly, the parents and students which are the core of the organization. The University’s task is to develop qualified and responsible graduates to the society and make North-Chiang Mai University an outstanding academic institution as NCU vision

“North-Chiang Mai University will be the leading university in sciences and technology in the North of Thailand, it is a warmth place of learning. The graduates of NCU must be strong in ICT and skillful in the practice in line with integrity”

North-Chiang Mai University also has pledged to fulfill the four key missions of a University of Thailand that is: 1) Giving education 2) Research 3) Academic Services 4) Arts and Culture Conservation

on the principle of Honesty, Diligence and Justice. And also has committed to serve Thai society under the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy of H.M. King Bhumibol Adulyadej which results in sufficiency economy rational thinking, creating an immune for self-protection under integrity for the readiness of the world.


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