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Rice University School of Architecture

Rice University School of Architecture

Rice University School of Architecture


Why Rice

We are the smallest professional degree program situated within a top research university, allowing individual attention with the breadth of study afforded by a major university.

Located in the nation’s fourth largest city, Rice University is a leading research institution committed to fostering a strong intellectual environment for the next generation of leaders and thinkers. Rice Architecture’s small, 5-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio encourages a close-knit community that provides both undergraduates and graduates with thoughtful instruction, particularly in the studio setting.

The school’s position within a top tier university allows us to draw extensively from other disciplines to forge new territories of speculative practice, as demonstrated by our faculty’s leadership role with Rice’s environmental studies interdisciplinary minor; our cross-listed courses with other schools and departments, particularly humanities, business, and engineering; and our collaborations with the other arts groups on campus and in the city.


  • Houston

    Loop Road, 77005, Houston