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首都体育学院 Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Sports Journalism)

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (Sports Journalism)

Beijing, China

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Sep 2023

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Training goals: to train to meet the requirements of socialist construction with Chinese characteristics in the new era, have modern news communication concepts and an international vision, be familiar with the development of the sports industry, systematically master sports communication theories and skills, be able to adapt to the all-media working environment, have the ability to report multimedia, and be able to Excellent talents in the field of news, publishing, publicity, sports and other fields engaged in planning and writing, editing and commenting, hosting releases, audio-visual production, new media operations and other cultural communication work.

Professional characteristics: The首都体育学院, as a first-class undergraduate major in Beijing, effectively meets the major development strategies and industry development needs of Beijing in the new era with professional talent training. Use the geographical advantages of the capital to build a diversified platform for talent training and expand development space. Cooperate with the Winter Olympics Organizing Committee, Tencent, Sohu and other well-known sports media to carry out special media internship programs for major sports events such as the Olympic Games and the World Cup. We hire industry mentors and part-time professors to provide "media workshops" and a series of lectures on sports media through the intelligence introduction project; 100% of the professional teachers have media experience, and have a number of young teaching teachers, and the backbone teachers are rich in managing competitions and serving media experience. Relying on the construction of high-definition studios, a scene-based practical course teaching team was set up, and skills training such as event reporting, sports commentary, on-camera interviews, documentary photography and short film creation were integrated to improve the quality of talent training. In recent years, the employment rate of graduates majoring in journalism from the首都体育学院

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