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Tabor College The Graphic Design Major, Bachelor
Tabor College

The Graphic Design Major, Bachelor

Hillsboro, USA

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Sep 2023

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The Graphic Design Major provides students with the tools to give concrete communicative form to information and ideas. Studies begin with an intensive investigation of typography and visual representation from page composition to iconography and progress to more theoretical design problems. Majors are awarded studio space for a complete experience with classmates and faculty. Students progress from learners to problem solvers to independent creators by addressing practical design problems aimed at preparing a portfolio of work and targeted at the graphic design sector in which they intend to practice. Throughout the program, the emphasis is placed on developing conceptually strong, visually sensitive, technically sound, contextually aware work that shows integrity between their faith and practice. Students completing this course of study will be prepared for practice in the field of graphic design.

Graphic Design Major Overview

Freshman: Foundational skills: composition, hierarchy, iconography, drawing, art theory, and art history.

Sophomore: Principles of design: page composition, type and image, visual style, editorial design, packaging design, motion design, and letterform design.

Junior: Process of design: design history and philosophy, design research, creative process, problem-solving, design strategy, information design, and interaction design.

Senior: Practice of design: design thinking, design for social change, the business of design, design industry, and portfolio preparation.

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