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The Catholic University In Ružomberok BA in English and American Studies and History
The Catholic University In Ružomberok

BA in English and American Studies and History

Ružomberok, Slovakia

3 Years

English, Slovak

Full time

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The BA program in English and American Studies and History takes 3 years and it allows students to improve their English language, to get acquainted with the English and American history, literature and culture, to explore the history of the world and Slovak history and to develop skills necessary for historical research such as critical approach and ability to associate various historical events and phenomena. Graduates may continue in their MA studies or find interesting positions requiring knowledge of English language, history, and critical and analytical approach.


What will I study?

The double major study programs allow students to study a combination of two majors (in 50: 50 ratio). The English and American Studies and History program is aimed at the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills from both selected study fields. Furthermore, it supports the ability to respond to societal challenges and problems in a flexible and creative way so as to be prepared for the labor market.

The English and American Studies part provides students with knowledge concerning the English language, culture, and society of English-speaking countries. The courses cover a range of linguistic and literary disciplines together with theories of translation in an appropriate depth with an aim to prepare graduates who will be able to continuously familiarise themselves with the latest scientific research in the field of English linguistics and literary studies. To accomplish this, the program also includes a wide range of elective courses focusing, for instance, on literature, culture, modern social media, etc.

The History part provides a comprehensive overview of the history of the world and Slovak history, the basic methods and methodology for the study of history and the auxiliary sciences of history. Studying is also focused on the acquisition of basic skills needed for work as a historian and in historical research and historical documenting, as well as the skills necessary to explore, analyze and understand history.

Skills and knowledge acquired by the graduates

  • Advanced level in oral and written communication in English.
  • Ability to analyze various types of texts and media content in English.
  • Understanding of the culture in English-speaking countries.
  • Knowledge of the most important developments in the English language and in the English-speaking countries literature.
  • Familiarity with the most important periods and events in world history and Slovak history.
  • Ability to work with historical archives, sources, and documents.
  • Ability to critically explore historical and current events.
  • Rhetorical, discussion and presentation skills.

Where will I use this?

  • Graduates of double major study programs have a wider range of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and professional readiness in a selected combination of two disciplines.
  • The acquired knowledge and skills provide a significantly better position in the labour market.
  • Cultural and social Institutions.
  • Museums.
  • Galleries.
  • Historical and contemporary archives.
  • Libraries.
  • Non-governmental organizations.
  • Preservation institutes.
  • Scientific institutions.
  • Tourism.
  • Mass media and public relations.

Entry requirements

To apply all the applicants must have a completed high school (secondary school) education. An entrance exam consists of an oral interview (a Skype interview is possible) focusing on the motivation and abilities of the applicants to pursue higher education. Applicants are asked to submit an application form (printed or online application form), a curriculum vitae, a verified copy of their high school (secondary school) diploma (graduates from abroad are asked to submit a copy of a recognition of their education) and a receipt of payment of the application fee (30,- EUR for a printed application or 25,- EUR for an online application). We are happy to assist our applicants should they need it, or provide them with more information.

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