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The Uniminuto University System, inspired by the Gospel, the social thought of the Church, the Eudist spirituality and the charism of the Minute of God, has the purpose:

  • Offer high quality and relevant higher education with a preferential option for those who do not have opportunities to access it, through an innovative, comprehensive and flexible model.
  • Form excellent human beings, competent professionals, ethically oriented and committed to social transformation and sustainable development.
  • Contribute, with our commitment and our witness, to the construction of a fraternal, just, reconciled and peaceful society.


In 2019, Uniminuto is recognized, nationally and internationally, as an institution of higher education that, from its educational model inspired by Christian Humanism, trains integral people who, as competent and enterprising professionals, open to the search for God and at the service of man, contribute to the development of their communities and an equitable society.

Uniminuto is characterized as an inclusive and sustainable institution, supported by a high quality culture, with a wide and relevant educational offer, great coverage, easy access, use of new technologies, promotion of social innovation and cooperation initiatives for the development.


  • Bogotá

    Carrera 73A No. 81B – 70, , Bogotá