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Universidad Fasta University Technician in Journalism
Universidad Fasta

University Technician in Journalism

Mar del Plata, Argentina

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Feb 2024

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The University Technician in Journalism can be studied in the face-to-face modality at the Headquarters of the city of Mar del Plata. Allows, in turn, articulation with L Licenciatura in Journalism offering students an innovative, completely distant in 4 years and may be able to have two titles. The University Technician in Journalism graduated from FASTA University works as a journalist both in the conventional media (radio, television, or the written press) and in the new media that are developed in the context of the Internet (blog, tv in Internet, social networks). You can manage your own projects, taking into account the commercial variables and the market context where it operates, with the necessary linguistic, oral, and written skills.

The objective is to provide the student with a short career (2 and a half years), with much emphasis on journalistic practice and a perspective of the construction of the profession from the management of the appropriate tools to intervene in the journalistic field, providing it in addition to aspects normative, pragmatic and discursive that can promote better communication through various channels and media.

Taking into account that the communications market, in recent years, has turned to content production, which has become one of the most important segments of the communications industry, this career has a clear profile oriented towards the practice of the media respecting this vision.

The career accredits students in a solid theoretical-practical preparation that guarantees professional practice in a responsible, ethical, and humane manner, supported by rigorous academic training and specifically inclined to teach work for the media, such as radio, the TV, and print media ( newspapers and magazines ), but also for the Internet, which is the platform more perspective on cultural consumption in the future.

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