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Universidad Francisco de Vitoria

Universidad Francisco de Vitoria


The Universidad Francisco de Vitoria born in 1993 with 378 students and four degrees. These students were the first witnesses to the birth of a university that puts the person at the center and that aims to train professionals who seek to transform society.

Today, more than 25 years later, the UFV has two university campuses in Madrid, with more than 50 degrees and double degrees, higher degree training cycles, a postgraduate school, doctorates, research centers and is part of an international network from training centers in Europe, the United States, Mexico and South America.

More than 40,000 students have passed through our classrooms and they are the first to realize that something special is going on at UFV.


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Every educational activity, whether explicit or not, answers two questions: why and why we do what we do, and with an idea of who the person is and what they are called.

The Universidad Francisco de Vitoria born with the conviction that the university institution should be “something more” than professional training, “something more” than scientific rigor. It should be the place where, in the face of the culture of immediacy, the underlying questions are posed. The University must be the beacon that guides and contributes meaning to our time.

Our identity is that of the Catholic university, born from the Western cultural tradition and our educational proposal is based on the conviction that the truth can be sought, known and shared, and from Christian anthropology, in which we recognize the intrinsic dignity of each human being open in turn to the common good.

What makes us different?

The person in the center

We put each person at the center and accompany them in their training, taking into account their talents, passions and concerns. Because we know that the same formula does not work for everyone and that what makes us different also makes us unique. For this reason, our students have a mentoring program and enjoy personalized attention and small classes to achieve their goals.

Catholic University

We recognize the intrinsic dignity of the human being, we ask ourselves its great questions and we are in constant search of the Truth to promote the Christian transformation of society and culture.

Integral formation

We believe in the synthesis of knowledge in the face of hyperspecialization because only in this way can students be trained in all its dimensions and contribute the best to the world.

Academic excellence

We promote excellence in everything we do to train the future leaders of tomorrow and so that our students have the best tools to excel in their personal and professional lives. Thanks to this demanding training, we managed to ensure that 94% find a job at the end of their degree.


We are a university open to the world that trains its students for a global and multicultural society. Our priority is that they obtain the knowledge, skills, and open-mindedness necessary to be able to work in any environment and culture.

Research and innovation

We look to the future, we research in all areas and we innovate with everything we do to contribute the best to science, society and education.

Full college life

The true training experience goes beyond the classroom. We are committed to a vibrant university life and a constant dialogue between students and teachers of different grades and with different skills and ways of thinking.

Our campus is special. Not only because it is one of the best in Europe, but because there is a different air of encounter and community, and it is always open to our students sharing and participating in numerous activities. They have a lot to contribute and at the university they will be able to do it!

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