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The mission of the University of Oradea is to provide education and research to a high standard of quality in a national and international context of social, professional and, last but not least, intellectual development of the individual, and at the same time to contribute to the social and cultural development of Oradea. These missions are shaped by objectives such as attracting students from all over the world, positioning the university among the best educational institutions in the country and in Europe and conveying a wider community to the significance and importance of academic education and scientific research in general and the one conducted within this university, in particular. The University of Oradea has materialized international relations with 352 institutions from 39 countries.

Academic education is provided to the students at the highest level within the 15 faculties through a wide range of bachelor, master, doctorate and postgraduate programs. At every faculty, the instructive and educational activity is enriched by scientific research. Along with professional performance and moral behavior, scientific research becomes the priority criteria for academic evaluation of academic staff.

Short History

In 1780, a "Superior Institution of Philosophical Education" was founded in Oradea, which became in 1788 The Faculty of Law, the oldest faculty, not only from Romania but from a vast region of the Eastern European also.

Since 1921 all courses of the Faculty of Law were held in the Romanian language as in 1923, by the foundation of two Theological Academies, the academic life of Oradea received new dimensions.

The Law Academy of Oradea, together with the two theological academies, was to take another step forward by integrating a faculty of letters, thus achieving the old desideratum of creating a University of Crisana in Oradea. But in 1934, under inauspicious circumstances and after 150 years of longstanding activity, the Law Faculty - the academic nucleus of Oradea - is transferred to Cluj.

After nearly three decades of no activity of the Academy of Law from Oradea, on 1 October 1963, by an order of the Ministry of Education, a 3-year Pedagogical Institute is established in Oradea, meant to fill the shortage of teaching staff in general education. The new academic institution begins its activity within two faculties: Philology and Mathematics and Physics to which the Faculty of History and Geography and Physical Education beginning with the next year.

In May 1990, by a decree of the Romanian government, the Technical University was founded following some prestigious academic traditions of Oradea. Later on, the name of the university was changed at the University of Oradea.

At present, the University of Oradea is an accredited public academic institution with the qualification awarded by ARACIS: High Degree Of Confidence (Grad Ridicat De Încredere).


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Within the University of Oradea, there is the Department of Teaching Staff Training (DPPD) which provides the teaching training for students and ensures the improvement of the education level of the teachers completed by teachers' degrees in a wide range of specialties.

At the same time, attention is focused also on the continuous development of distance learning and for this purpose, there is the Department for Distance Learning and Low-Frequency Education (DIDIFR). The Department of Continuing Education has also been set up at the university (D.E.P) whose fundamental objective is the development of competences and completing of the knowledge acquired in a form of initial training (bachelor, master, Ph.D.). Training activities in the sphere of continuous vocational training include: conversion/retraining; Training courses; Postgraduate specialization courses; Postgraduate training courses; Workshops.

The didactic and research activity of the University of Oradea is carried out in a proper Academic environment corresponding to the study programs and the number of students. Continuously expanding and modernizing, the heritage provides high standards for carrying out the quality education process in line with ARACIS requirements. The University of Oradea has 15 faculties with 49 departments and 27 research centers certified institutionally. The number of study programs: 112 (7 - ID, 1 - FR), 83 masters, 12 PhD. Very important, the university has the University Publishing House of Oradea and two printing houses of its own.

The material basis of the university for the educational-research and research process consists of:

  1. Educational spaces in buildings: Aula Magna with 300 seats, two Aula with 200 seats, 100 Amphitheatres and classrooms, 71 seminar rooms, 343 laboratories, and a micro-production hall.
  2. The University Library in Oradea - headquarters, has modern facilities, with a total area of 7800 sqm distributed on the 5 levels of the building, of which 5 reading rooms, 6 book stores. The Library's publications fund comprises more than 305,000 books, magazines, STAS, patents, posters, CDs, DVDs that can be found in the traditional catalog (alphabetically and systematically) and in the OPAC computerized catalog. Library collections have grown year by year through acquisitions, domestic and international exchange of publications, but also through important donations. The library has a fund of over 326,000 volumes (books, periodicals, patents, STAS, CDs, DVDs, etc.) and online access to specialized databases: online access to ScienceDirect journals; Springerlink Journals; Scopus; Thomson Web of Science; Journal Citation Reports; Derwent Innovations Index.
  3. The sports base has a dual destination, constituting the place for the didactic activities for students of the Faculty of Geography Tourism and Sport – department of Physical Education and Sport but for students from other faculties also as well as other recreational activities linked to sport for students and employees of the university. This is where we are training the professional athletes of the Departments of the University Sports Club and the Sports Association FC University. The sports base consists of 7 sports halls: Games room, Athletics hall, gym, aerobics room, fitness, Physical Education Hall, sport shooting range. The sports base has a total area of 4,502 sqm and 12 sports fields: 1 Grass football field, athletics track, 1 volleyball court, 3 tennis courts, 2 beach-volley courts, 1 basketball court, 1 handball court, 2 concrete fields, with a total area of 16,288.00 square meters.
  4. Agricultural land intended for didactic and research activities, having a total area of 14444.67 ha: Cinegetic fund Pietroasa, Arboretum Park Gurahonț, agricultural land, the resort of Research and Development of Fruit Growing Area Resort.
  5. Accommodation in four student hostels with a capacity of 1392 beds. The four student dormitories are equipped according to the requirements of the market.
  6. At the university campus, there is also the U @ Select Student's Club, which is more than a student cafeteria, offering dining and leisure opportunities. The set up of the cafeteria and the student club has been centered on the students ' needs to be offered a welcoming home.
  7. Access to six University Clinics in which the students of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy are practicing: Oradea County Emergency Clinical Hospital, Hospital "Dr. Gavril Curteanu" Oradea, Hospital of Pneumophtisiology Oradea, Clinical of Obstetrics Gynecology Hospital Oradea, Emergency Hospital "Avram Iancu" Oradea (former Military Hospital), Pelican Hospital Oradea Bihor.
  8. "Gaudeamus” the didactic and research base at Stâna de Vale, an educational space that provides the necessary framework for conducting teaching, scientific and research activities for students and pupils, as well as sports, recreation and leisure activities. It has an accommodation capacity of 58 places distributed in 17 rooms with 3, 4 and 5 seats, a dining room with a capacity of 72 seats and a room for didactic activities.

The University campus (Campus I, II, III), with a total area of 181,582 sqm, is among the most appropriate in Romania, according to European practices. This aspect is also given by the successful combination of buildings architecture and the small dendrological park with many species, some of which are true rarities. University students benefit from grouped functionality: canteen, accommodation, library, medical office, dental practice, sports base and also outdoor recreational space that offers a pleasant ambiance.


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In order to increase the quality of educational, research and administrative services, it is necessary for the further implementation of integrated quality management. In the University of Oradea, quality management is well structured, as a major objective of our academic community, through the quality policies, strategies and actions program. The Quality Assurance System’s task is to act on all institution levels, through the main areas:

  • Institutional capacity
  • Educational efficiency
  • Quality Management

The education and research mission in higher education is completed by the entrepreneurial and innovation one for economical and social development of the regional community.


  • Learning and improving universal knowledge of life sciences, technical sciences, socio-economic sciences, and culture;
  • Cultivating the intellect in the spirit of independent thinking, respect for human excellence and the ability to practice endowment role in society;
  • Increasing the share of scientific research to national and international visibility;
  • The innovative character of the University of Oradea, in order to contribute to the gross national income of the geographical area covered by the institution.


  • University autonomy;
  • Academic freedom (freedom of teaching, research, and learning);
  • Quality of human resources and beneficiaries of educational services.

The academic competition requires further enhance of the quality of university activities, development of effective bachelor, master, doctoral training and professional development EU compatible structures, excellence in research, infrastructure development, learning environment, and students comfort improvement, all become priority objectives of the University of Oradea in the future.

In order to fulfill these objectives, the University of Oradea will further improve the study programs' quality assurance instruments, the scientific research activity, and other supplied services.


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