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VIAMODA BA Design, Fashion Communications & Brand Design, 7 semesters

BA Design, Fashion Communications & Brand Design, 7 semesters

Warsaw, Poland

7 Semesters


Full time, Part time

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Oct 2024

EUR 3,100 / per course



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During Fashion Communications & Brand Design, 7 semesters programme, students develop and achieve skills of creating and managing a fashion brand, building it’s identity and recognition by potential customers on the market.

During the studies, VIAMODA teaches how to use communication tools and systems to promote companies and fashion brands, create advertising campaigns, graphics and photographic works, and activities in the Internet space (e-commerce, e-marketing).

The studies are taught in Polish on a full-time and part-time basis.

Our students receive knowledge on how to organize fashion events, appropriate for the intended promotional purpose, the specificity of the brand, budget, and expectations of the target group.

Lectures and practical courses with experienced academic personnel - allow you to learn the professional language, principles and concepts supervising and controlling the fashion industry and prepare students to become knowledgeable critics, experts and effective fashion promoters.

VIAMODA gives the opportunity to independently design the surroundings and aesthetic of the collection and sales space - elements of stylization and Visual Merchandising.

However, first and foremost, we offer our students the chance to gain many professional contacts during the studies, so they are able to get practical experience based on their knowledge and skills.

Due to close cooperation with fashion companies and organizations, the University also allows its students to participate, while still studying, in the preparation of authentic collection projects, the best of which are implemented into production. By setting this product in the conditions of clothing company functioning on the market, it creates a unique opportunity for students of this specialization to participate in the full process of creating their own products, while students of communication specialization promote them on the fashion market.

Career path after completing this specialty:

  • Marketing Specialist and Brand Manager
  • Retail Visual Merchandising Specialist
  • Trend Forecaster and Communication Specialist
  • Fashion Promoter
  • Creative Director (Art Director)
  • Independent Entrepreneur


  • online personal data questionnaire and an application for admission,
  • the original of the certificate which entitles the candidate to apply for admission to a higher education institution together with a translation, legalization in the country where it was issued or in the embassy, nostrification when needed,
  • a certified photocopy of the passport and a valid visa or residence permit,
  • a certified sufficient level of proficiency in the Polish language,
  • 2 photographs, sized 35x45mm, bare-headed, against a light background (signed),
  • 1 colored photograph n an electronic form ( 236x295 pix, 300 dpi, JPG)
  • a medical certificate,
  • a photocopy of valid insurance,
  • self-presentation (pdf format, not exceeding 50MB), which describes your interests and inspirations with the emphasis on art, culture, communications or/and fashion, and will be very helpful with assessing candidate’s predisposition and motivation,
  • proof of the admission fee paid directly to the VIAMODA University bank account.

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