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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam M.A. Curating Art and Cultures
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

M.A. Curating Art and Cultures

2 Years


Full time

EUR 2,168 *


* for EEA students. €16.630 for non-EU/non-EEA students.



The Dual Master’s in Curating Art and Cultures responds to the growing demand for academically-trained curatorial professionals with excellent interdisciplinary and theoretical backgrounds. You will learn to engage with crucial theoretical concepts and contemporary issues surrounding the collection, curation and display of art objects and cultural artefacts. You will also deepen your own disciplinary knowledge and develop your research skills, culminating in a Master's thesis.

For example, you will investigate current and past museum displays and exhibitions, from the perspective of recent insights into museum and curatorial studies. You will also carry out fieldwork through excursions to museums in the Netherlands and abroad, and discuss topical issues with curators, museum directors or exhibition-makers. Moreover, you will undertake a research paper that will culminate in a presentation for your peers and supervisors.

Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to work as a curator-in-training during a year-long internship at one of the programme’s partnering museums or cultural institutions. During the internship, you will receive hands-on training in all aspects of professional museum practice, from research for publications to organising exhibitions. The placement covers the five major areas in the working life of a curator. You’ll directly contribute to the creation of exhibitions, participate in staff meetings and project teams at the museum, carry out research into (and registration of) objects from the collection, make courier trips, and represent the museum in contacts with artists, scholars, visitors and the public. In short, this is your chance to dive headfirst into the many aspects of the curatorial profession.

The start date of this programme is September 1st.

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