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Zurich University of the Arts Bachelor's Degree Scientific Visualization
Zurich University of the Arts

Bachelor's Degree Scientific Visualization

Zürich, Switzerland

6 Semesters


Full time

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CHF 4,320 / per semester



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The study in the Bachelor's degree in Scientific Visualization conveys the conceptual, creative and methodological foundations for the contemporary communication of scientific content: the appropriation of realistic-illusionistic presentation techniques, the use of different media such as interaction, e-learning, 3D animation and virtual reality and cooperation with science.

Career Options

Graduates with a bachelor's degree work at colleges and universities, in medical institutions, in museums or on archaeological excavations. They work for editorial offices, publishers or agencies or, as freelance illustrators, design visualizations in a scientific or popular scientific context.

training objective

The six-semester bachelor program Scientific Visualization provides the basic skills needed to convey complex scientific facts in a precise, innovative and attractive way.


The structure of the curriculum enables the students to try different techniques on concrete questions of knowledge communication. The questions of didactics, dramaturgy and media play a central role here. The students learn to explain the scientific findings and to convey them convincingly. The practice-oriented teaching projects allow close cooperation with experts from different scientific institutions and companies. There is also the possibility to specialize within a field of knowledge.

Course contents

During the first year of study, special attention will be given to the development and deepening of technical and technical skills. By working continuously after observation, students learn to precisely translate space, light, color, structure, and material while developing their understanding of condensation and abstraction as the basis of illusionist representation.

In the second year of study, the focus is on conception and mediation. A clever concept is crucial to the success of visual knowledge transfer. Together with the lecturers, the students use concrete content to work on solutions for current placement issues. The differentiated use of content, design and aesthetic criteria is played through and reflected. In the extension of the knowledge image to interaction, 3D animation and virtual reality surprising didactic strategies and unusual ways of seeing can be developed and tested.

The third year of study includes an in-depth analysis of different occupational fields and their specific conditions. The translation of a content into a concept of mediation in personal contact with the experts of the partner institutions allows the students to test cooperation and dialogue with the scientists and also to implement it in practice with the Bachelor thesis

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