Howest University College West Flanders


In 1995 Howest, University College West Flanders became a single autonomous Higher Education Institution because of a merger of six prominent institutions of higher education in Flanders. Since then the development within Howest has taken on a fresh impetus and we are now one of the leading providers of higher education in the province.

Today about 5600 full-time students are enrolled at Howest pursuing 24 Bachelors and 7 Masters covering a wide range of disciplines. Howest consists of four campuses situated in Bruges and Kortrijk. Students will find here an open, vibrant, cosmopolitan and friendly environment that offers a wealth of educational opportunities, with emphasis on high quality and practice-oriented courses.

Housing accommodation, specialised libraries, individual study schemes, student counselling and study-related services at departmental level stress our student-oriented policy. Our competent teaching and administrative staff form a compact community and are always approachable. All classrooms and auditoria are well equipped to meet the present-day teaching facilities. Internet-accounts are available for all students.

Howest has a growing international reputation, as are the opportunities it offers to students to do part of their studies abroad. Its links to industry and other outside bodies are also expanding. Howest continues to attract the best available academic staff and to modify and develop its curriculum to include new areas of knowledge and to meet the changing needs of today’s student.

Howest welcomes international students and is constantly developing its course offer in English. Studying in Bruges or Kortrijk includes having a series of very attractive locations within a stone's throw: the Belgian coast as well as our Flemish art cities like Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent... You can also reach famous European places like Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne in a one or two hours train journey.

In short, Howest is an institution where studying is both effective and pleasant.



Campus Graaf Karel de Goedelaan Graaf Karel de Goedelaan 5

8500 Kortrijk, Flanders, Belgium