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About KdG

Karel de Grote University College has more than 12,000 enrolled students and employs about 1,000 members of staff. This makes us the largest university college in Antwerp.

Mission, vision, and values

Mission Karel de Grote University College (KdG) supports sustainable development: for students, staff, and society. In mutual interaction, based upon an inviting learning, living and working environment. To always get the best out of everyone, and to strive for excellence together. Vision Karel de Grote University College (KdG) creates challenging and motivating tailor-made learning contexts. For anyone who wants to develop into a professional with personality. We educate and guide our students so they discover and develop their talents, and acquire the necessary competencies to deliver a contribution to society. Self-conscious, with a sense of responsibility and valued by society. We encourage our staff to continue to grow both on a personal and professional level. KdG is a versatile organization. We think ahead and have a feel for the dynamics of a rapidly changing global context. We share knowledge and invest in strong collaborations with our partners: thanks to these interactions and made-to-measure solutions our university college excels and innovates in (art) education, practice-oriented research, and services. Values As a value-driven organization we opt for:

  • student-oriented actions
  • achieving results
  • collaborating with confidence
  • committing ourselves to a better world
  • sustainable innovation.

Perspectives on Education

Karel de Grote University College aims to give its students and staff members the opportunity to discover their talents and develop them. We strongly believe that teamwork allows both students and staff members to acquire competencies – such as knowledge, skills, insight, and attitudes – that are essential in a working context as well as in the broader context of our society. One of the most vital competences is, without a doubt, the ability to make an effort for those who, due to certain circumstances, are not able to fully develop their talents.



Groenplaats, Nationalestraat 5, 2000 ANTWERP
2000 Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium
+32 350 221 92

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